The Forest of Tranquility is a unique natural sanctuary located on the Central Coast of NSW, just an hour's drive north of Sydney or south of Newcastle.  It is here that you will find a plethora of sounds and calls that are distinctively Australian.  Here is where you will find a convergence of species from the tropical north and the south, co-existing together in  harmony. 

Here, you can explore, discover, learn, share.
Through our Workshops, you can hear from our experts about the fascinating
  • creatures
  • birdlife
  • flora
  • timbers
  • bush foods and medicines
......living in the forest.  But the forest is more ...so much more!
  • learn share and be uplifted through our our many Music and Art in the Forest projects 
  • get in touch with your spirituality through the Native American Drum Circle and Meditation in the Tipi or our Monday "Laughter Yoga with Nellie"
  • you can even spend a night in the forest in our Tipi accommodation  
Our Music and Art projects are co-ordinated  Whistle Hill Studios and of particular interest to our artist and musician friends is the Soapbox Sunday program happening on the last Sunday of each month [weather permitting] where you can learn, participate, and share your particular skills.

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