Thursday, 18 July 2013

A little Magic in the Air

The School Holiday Winter 4 Seasons Learnscapes program is over for this year and a great time was had by all who came along.

After spending time with us our Rainforest Fairy Queen flew off to visit the other rainforests but s
he will be returning in Spring when we celebrate the Equinox and Faery Festival Day. So all faerys and fairies mark your calendar and have your wings ready to fly in for a visit. There will be more stories to tell, plus...... Miss Lilly Pilly will have wands and other things to make and there will be a host of fairy
things to do!!!

Please Note:  We are closing for the next 2 weeks and taking the opportunity to repair our flood damaged driveway ready for the Spring season.

Our Spring Equinox weekend is 21-22 September 2013. Saturday is a special celebration of the Equinox with Vikki Cunningham. Sunday the 22 September is the day for Fairies. Come in your fairy clothes or join a workshop. More details posted later.
Mark your calendars for the Opening  of Fire Fly Magic 16 November. Costumes mandatory. Bookings essential.We'll be keeping you posted in advance of this extraordinary season and you won't want to miss this experience.