Thursday, 27 December 2012

Back to Nature

Now that Christmas is over, you may need a place to wind down from the season's stress and chill out.   Here at the Forest is a perfect space to get back to the simple things;
  • the feel of the earth beneath your feet
  • the breeze as it stirs the leaves on the trees
  • the call of nature - it's magnificent bird life, the frogs, the crickets, the abundance of living creatures living in the rainforest
It's the place where you can hear your heartbeat, get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy world, and reconnect with your inner self.  And there's plenty of trees, providing lots of shady spots to shelter from the summer sun. 

A perfect day's retreat!  Come join us over the next couple of days.

Our January School Holiday Program begins next week and we've got some excellent workshops and walks to keep the kids [and yourself] interested over the break.  Check these out on our Program page  - and please remember to Book for the workshops.

This coming Sunday is our Soapbox Sunday - with ukulele workshop, muso's jam session, and more on offer.  Pack a picnic lunch and hang out with Whistle Hill Studios for the afternoon.  You can find out more about them here:  Whistle Hill Studios

We look forward to seeing you here very soon.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

'Tis the Season



Please send an email to and we will confirm booking on Friday AFTER our weekly firefly and weather check.
Although we've seen a few out during the week, they are not as spectacular as we have seen in MID Season.  There'll be high temperatures Friday - Sunday, so we may just  get a final showing.

We suggest you bring a raincoat in case of rain as we are a bio-climatic rainforest however the fireflies will come out in the rain - we just cannot predict how many  will come out each night.

The forest opens from 6pm - 9pm Fri-Sun and this is the only time you can take a self-guided forest walk now to see this natural Light Spectacular.  Remember to bring your torch and bushwalking shoes though because the fireflies only come out at dusk.   

In December, dusk settles at around 8.20pm so we suggest that you arrive at 6pm, take a daylight walk in the forest, come back and have your picnic under the pergolas or on the grass, then pack everything back in your car, collect your torch and be ready to walk back in for the light show on dusk.


Oh, and there's a bonus too!  This is the peak time to hear the "frog chorus" in full voice each night as well.

We look forward to seeing you for our last weekend of our 2012 Firefly Season.  If you missed out this year - send us an email and we'll add you to our mailing list for next year's event.

Open to the Public: Saturday & Sunday, NSW Public Holidays & School Holidays 11am - 4pm.

Firefly Season Mid Nov -Mid Dec 6 - 9pm. Tipi Group Bookings up to 20 : 5pm - 10am
Group Bookings: Open 7 Days - Schools - Seniors - Excursions - Groups Events - Private Parties & Functions
We are a bioclimatic rainforest and can experience weather changes daily. Last entry 2 hours prior to closing

Phone: (02) 4362 1855 | Email: |
Forest of Tranquility - Australian Rainforest Sanctuary has recently been acquired by new owners. We are endeavouring to update the facilities and walking tracks throughout the Sanctuary. The facilities are available for group bookings 7 days with prior arrangement with management.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Work In Progress

Under new ownership, the Forest is due for official re-launch in coming weeks and we have an exciting summer program lined up.  Don't miss the chance to experience our Firefly Magic in Nov/Dec (see Things to Do page) 

The new owners have a Vision to create not only a haven for the flora and fauna of the Forest, but a haven for humans who desire to nurture their environment and their spirituality.  A place where you can learn and understand the earth, a place where you can find your own spiritual centre, a place where you can connect in Community.

We encourage you to explore, to share, to learn, to teach, and to grow in this extraordinary location.